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Addy’s Disneyland Journey

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Addy’s Disneyland Journey

In summer 2018 Bret Michaels met an amazing little girl from Idaho named Addy Berria along with her Mother, Ashley and family backstage during a meet & greet. During their conversation Bret was inspired by Addy’s spirit and personality, so much that he offered to cover the associated costs sending Addy and her family to Disneyland.

Through his Life Rocks Foundation, Bret’s commitment by giving back to communities in which he performs runs deep. Meeting genuine people like Addy and her family are truly at the core of what Life Rocks is all about.

After weeks of planning between Michaels’ team and Ashley, including a “Don’t Do What Bretty Rocks Does” charity video seen here:, arranging flights for the 5 family members, hotel, car service etc. the family was set to head west from Idaho to California in search of Mickey Mouse and an awesome time.

Below are photos sent from Ashley from their trip. From airport to airplane, from hotel to Disneyland and back on behalf of Bret and all at MEGI/Life Rocks Foundation, we are glad you had a great time Addy!